We calculate your account interest separately for each balance type. To do this, we apply the daily rate to the daily balance for each day of the billing period. A separate daily credit can be calculated for the following types of TJX Credit Card: purchases and credits with different interest rates, plans, or promotions. See below how it works.

How To Calculate Minimum Payment?

Below is the formula for calculating your total minimum payout.
Oldest from:

  1. $25 or $35 (including all amounts due) if you have not paid the full minimum payment due by the due date on one or more of the six above billing cycles.


  1. The sum of:
  2. any amounts due; MOST
  3. 1% of your new credit shown on your statement (excluding credit associated with a one-time promotional purchase).

Calculation); MOST

  1. Late fees charged in the current billing period; MOST
  2. All interest accrued during the current accounting period; MOST
  3. Each payment due is related to a specific promotional purchase with a one-time payment calculation.


We round up the total minimum payout to the nearest dollar when calculating your total minimum payout. You will never have more than your current balance in your total minimum payout.
TJX Late Fees Charge

We charge this fee if we do not receive the full minimum payment to your account by 5:00 PM. (ET) on the due date. This fee corresponds to:

  1. $25 if you paid your minimum payment in full by the due date for each of the six previous billing cycles.


  1. $35 if you have not paid the full minimum payment due by the due date in one or more of the previous six billing cycles. Late fees will not exceed the total minimum payment due